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Automatic Fill Float ShoeAutomatic Fill Float Shoe

Industrial Rubber Automatic Fill-Up Float Shoes utilize a flapper-type valve fitted with a ryton pump-out orifice.

The pump-out orifice holds the flapper valve open and regulates the flow of fluids into the casing. The pump-out orifice is designed to accept a tripping ball which is furnished with the tool.

The tripping ball may be pumped to the orifice or allowed to gravitate. When the ball is seated, the lip of the orifice will shear, allowing the orifice and ball to fall down-hole and releasing the flapper valve.

This converts the tool to a flapper-type float shoe.

Automatic Fill Float CollarAutomatic Fill Float Collar

Industrial Rubber Automatic Fill-Up Float Collars employ the same flapper valve and pump-out orifice assembly as Automatic Fill-Up Float Shoes.

The collar has pin down and box up threads for convenience in making up on the casing string. This collar is usually run one joint above the guide shoe.

It is important to use an Industrial Rubber Guide Shoe below this tool because the shoe is designed to provide fluid passage around the orifice after it is pumped out of the float collar.

Regular AFU
Float Shoes
Regular AFU
Float Collars
Size Part No. Part No.
4 ½” 232-0044 242-0044
5 ½” 232-0054 242-0054
6 5/8” 232-0065 242-0065
7” 232-0070 242-0070
7 5/8” 232-0075 242-0075
8 5/8” 232-0085 242-0085
9 5/8” 232-0095 242-0095
10 ¾” 232-0106 242-0106
11 ¾” 232-0116 242-0116
12 ¾” 232-0126 242-0126
13 3/8” 232-0133 242-0133