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Casing Swivel

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Casing SwivelThe Industrial Rubber Casing Swivel is engineered to be trouble-free and to eliminate the problems often encountered with other casing swivels. All casing threads are cut to API 5B Specifications.

The unique design has four rows of ball bearings with races evenly spaced in the swivel housing and five o-rings evenly spaced in the housing. The even spacing of the bearings provides strength and the ability to overcome the “drag pressures” which result when the cementing head, manifold and other equipment mounted above the swivel tend to tilt the swivel off-center.

The o-rings provide a positive seal in job after job when simple preventative maintenance procedures are followed. Each ball bearing race is serviced by a grease zerk. On the opposite side of the swivel housing from each grease zerk is a bleed port capped with an Allen-head set screw. Pumping the swivel full of grease sets up opposing pressures between the o-rings to offset the pressures that are encountered during the cementing operation.

This design also provides easy maintenance and extends the usability of the swivel far beyond that of conventional casing swivels.

The swivel can be cleaned without dismantling. After each cementing job, the set screw is removed from the bleed port and grease is pumped through the grease zerk until the returns out of the bleed port are clean. After re-capping the bleed port, IRI’s Casing Swivel is ready for the next job.