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Packer Type Stage Collars

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The Industrial Rubber Multi-Stage Packer Collar is a cementing tool that retains all the features of the multi-stage cementing collar, but has the added advantage of a rubber pack-off system, which eliminates the need for cementing baskets on the casing below a cementing collar. The packer collar is used to reduce pump pressure, reduce channeling, complete dual zone wells, protect weak formations or selectively cement off any zone. The internal parts are designed to lock in place to prevent rotation during drill out and are constructed of easily drillable material.

Product Features

  •   Economical
  •   Helps prevent possible formation damage
  •   Easy drill out
  •  Will not spin during drill out
  •  Available in two- or three-stage
  •  Available with a bypass plug system

NOTE: Two (2) plugs, first stage latch down baffle, and bomb are furnished with the collar.

Packer Type Stage Collars
Size Part No.
3 ½” 290-0034P
4 ½” X 6 ½” 290-0044PS
4 ½” X 7 7/8” 290-0044P
5 ½” X 7 7/8” 290-0054PL
7” X 8 7/8” 290-0070P
  • All Internal Parts are PDC drillable and have Traceability.